Overcoming Obstacles

This young woman is such an inspiration! If you are struggling today read this post for encouragement. And check out the rest of her blog.

Stereotypically Able

This week I really struggled to think of a topic to write about for this blog. That was until I came across one of my friends’ blogs about overcoming obstacles. As I was reading her blog,(Side note: If you want to check out the blog post I mention the link is: https://ashleemelda.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/do-not-let-your-struggle-become-your-identity/), it was like a light bulb went on over my head and I knew exactly what I was going to talk about.

It is no secret that everyone goes through obstacles throughout their life, no matter if they are differently abled or able-bodied. It could be an obstacle of trying to find the right job, or something more serious as learning to walk again after having a major surgery, or something small as battling writers block and trying to figure out what to write for a blog post.

Over the past few months I have had an…

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Creativity and Recovery

20150427_183247As I was painting today, I stopped here and there to write down a connection I made about the abuse and a writing idea.  My creative brain was active.  This is the first time in weeks I’ve felt truly creative.

My therapist told me when we paint or create something it  activates a separate part of the brain. It seemed like painting calmed me and opened up and allowed me to drop a bit more of the weight I’ve carried for a lifetime.


I love the raw poems on Souldier girl’s blog. This one felt particularly familiar. “She shed her skin. She bled the pages of her day.” It reminds me of the cathartic moment when you write a bit of your memoir and feel like you were able to release the pain. The ink becomes the blood.

Souldier Girl

Guess I need to get a grip
Guess I need to be harder
Tough like a rock
No storm shall wither
Straighten up and fly right
Little sister

…All these lies I told myself
Under the wool of a petticoat
With lace up boots
and a velvet bow
But the material scratched…
right into my sensitive soul
Revealing the innocence of a naked girl
…With no excuses left for truth
Smiles skip by, unhinged in twos
I don’t need a reminder of
how deep I miss you…
I watch my feet move
Attached to another body
I can not feel my heart
It floats in a transparent jar
Titled “random art”
The school year has started
The children dissect it
Unable to revive her …they retire exhausted
Make me a project
Alone on a park bench
The coat has blown away
All that is left
….just me…

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Sinking into night 

This is simply beautiful. Thank you for posting Souldiergirl!

Souldier Girl

I carved out my soul

now i lay naked without my walls
I’ve no one to blame but myself
it is no one’s fault but mine
The ricochet of silly dreams
and backhand of belief
The fruitless hope forcing buds
like me
She’s a damn fighter

The Lord is all I have
I am clinging to Him with my whole being
in this blazing heat I am quivering
Lord I pray for life
that i may not shrink away
show me how you love your daughter
the metaphorical change to wine from water
Rain rubies and diamonds
glimpses into heaven
Misted in perfect falls of love

My eyes are black in this pulseless life
sparks extinguished
the loneliness of night
You did not search
You were already there
waiting with quiet arms
in my blue dreamers chair
I crawled upon your lap
A baby with no tears
unblock these caged…

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News. Heroin. Pharmaceutical Giants. Greed.

This life is one filled with trials and tribulations.   When I feel anger flowing hot as molten tar through my veins as I see hate infecting our world-the war on children, the stigma regarding mental illness, rampant violence,  greed, etc.-I tell myself there are many good people out there.  Many people I’ve met on my blog fit into this category.

I limit my exposure to the news when I’m down.  Luckily I’m not as down right now. Last night I watched the international news and then read city/ state news online.  When I finished all I could think is how sad it is to live in a country where we have so much yet people turn their cheeks to the root of many problems and the suffering behind the issues.

Addiction and mental illness are rarely mentioned.   What is mentioned is a herion problem in southern Indiana which has led to an HIV epidemic.  No mention of the pill industry which has led to this problem.  No mention of poverty, joblessness, and deep pain.

What else is mentioned?  In the adds underneath a Huffington post article is stories to click on about Hollywood gossip.  Personally, I could care less about supposed rumors about Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery and the rest of the Kardashian’s drama.

My point after so much rambling?

Let’s dig below the superficial and not wait until there is an “epidemic” to bring attention to Indiana’s growing Heroin problem.

It is an addiction which for many young people started when they found a bottle of pain pills such as Oxytocin in mom and dad’s medicine cabinet.They get addicted and eventually cannot afford 40 dollars a pill or whatever price and then discover herion is cheap and plentiful.   Next, they discover a bigger high is needed.  They move onto intravenous drug use.  Soon they exchange dirty needles.

Indiana lets not wait for an epidemic to admit we have a problem created by the greed of the pharmaceutical giants who put profit before the true wellness and safety of people.  Also let’s look at the deep social and mental health issues which cause people to end up addicted.

So my point about the trials and tribulations of life?  Let’s push for change and cherish those around us who have not lost their compassion and kindness. Let’s show the positive in the world and work to eliminate the negative.

Perhaps one day we can stop the added trials and tribulations caused by greed and ignorance.  After all life is filled with natural everyday trials and tribulations.   Why add anymore?

I’m Back; Slowly but Surely. ..

Hi everyone!  I hope all is well.  2015-03-25 00.56.39Thanks you for checking my blog despite my absence. In the coming days, I plan to read everyone’s recent and not-so-recent posts.  If you left a comment, I plan to respond to everyone tomorrow.   I commit to at least two more posts this week.  It helps to put it in writing so I can stay accountable.