I, Scapegoat

Alaina is a magnificent writer and has a survivor story which is so important to tell. I was especially drawn to this post because I too remember my mom asking, “Was I mean to you?” At the time I shrugged it off because I was still deep in denial. Fast forward a few years and she spends much of her time telling everyone including me that she wasn’t a “bad” parent. I recall mom calling me a “little bitch” because I was laughing at the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. My grandpa had just died and she was angry that I was laughing instead of crying. My heart breaks for Mandy for her mother to have said such an awful thing. Mandy’s way of thinking was clearly sane while her mother’s was not. It is so confusing when a mentally ill parent accuses their child of faulty thinking when it is really their faulty thinking not ours.

2 thoughts on “I, Scapegoat

  1. Alaina says:

    Thank you so much. This means a lot.

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