Erin’s Law Could Prevent Abuse

Mandy wrote about Erin’s law in a recent post. I agree one-hundred percent this law must be passed. We need many voices to advocate for change.

Erin’s law is vital if we want to protect our children.

There are a disturbing amount of sexual predators blending into the masses. Unfortunately, even “safe” places such as church and school are not sacred. In my late teens, I had a cross-country coach groom me. Raised catholic, sex was a shameful subject. Off limits. There was no “the talk” much less education on my parent’s part regarding sexual predators. In their defense, there was little dialogue in the 90s about sexual predators. It was a subject people seemed unaware of or found uncomfortable-inappropriate even-to talk about. If Erin’s law existed perhaps I would have better understood the signs of grooming and would have listened to the little place in the pit of my stomach screaming something is not right here the first time he lured me to his apartment.
Please spread the word about Erin’s law.

One thought on “Erin’s Law Could Prevent Abuse

  1. I hear you and the children who deserve to live safe and happy.

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