Intrusive Thoughts; Mom’s Voice

Bath Towel Terror

Bath Towel Terror

As I step out of the shower this afternoon, I pause, look at the bubble-gum pink towel, and see childhood.   Mom tells me I have to let her watch as I towel off to make sure all the water is off.  I remember how tormenting bath time was as a child.

I shake my adult head, and laugh out loud at the ludicrousness of the situation.  Something as simple as taking a bath and looking at a bath towel can take me right out of my adult head.

In a few hours I go to yoga and leave with a clearer mind.  I listen to my body when it wants rest, and I tell the voice in my head -mom’s voice- to be quiet.  Leave me alone.  I’m not listening to you.  Your voice serves no purpose.

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