Concussion Go Away

I wrote this at the end of last week…

I’ve not been able to write most of the week because of the concussion.  Reading and looking at my phone or tablet was also not allowed.

I’ve felt angry.  Like right now.  Anger sizzles on the tip of my tongue.  I want to write.  I was learning so much.  I was reading so much.  It is as if this whole episode transported me back in time.  I’m young again.  I have no free will.  I’m trapped between four white walls.  I’m sad.  I’m mad.  I cannot think world.

I need yoga, but I’m scared because of my head.  They said no hot yoga, but I crave the heat.  Do I override instructions and listen to my own mind and body?  My mind is screaming for a break.  I need something to straighten out my mind. A few hours in the yoga studio and I often feel relief.  One hour.  Gentle class.  I spend most of the class laying on the mat and meditating.  I finally sleep.

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