Concussion Update

Happy friday readers and followers!

I’m still not back to myself since the concussion.   It has been disappointing not to be able to read and write.  I was in a good space prior to the fall.  PTSD reared it’s ugly head as well.  So, to make an otherwise long story short, I hope to be able to write on and off today for thirty minutes total.  I hope to post in the next 48 hours.  I’m going to get through the PTSD.  I have to keep saying it to remind myself.

Much love,


7 thoughts on “Concussion Update

  1. Alaina says:

    Yesterday — January 22 — was one of my trauma anniversaries. Twenty-six years ago, on January 22, 1989, I was severely beaten by my ex husband and ended up with a broken nose, a hairline fractured jaw, and a severe concussion. By the time I got to the emergency room, I could not remember even the most basic things, like my home address and phone number!

    I was given an EEG and told that I did not have any discernible brain damage. But even so, it was several months before I felt like I was back to being “me” again.

    In 1997 I decided to go to nursing school. I made straight A’s in every subject and scored in the top 1% of the nation on the final licensing exam. So I obviously did not suffer any lasting impairment from my concussion.

    Of course, every case is different. I don’t have any way of knowing how the severity of your concussion compares with mine. But the good news is that medicince has come a long way in the past 26 years, which is a definite plus in your favor.

    The awful feelings I had after my concussion, of being disoriented, alone even in a crowed room, frightened, “not myself,” very vulnerable, afraid that I would never be “me” again — those feelings do pass.

    I want to encourage you to go easy on yourself and give yourself all the time you need to heal. Rest, rest, rest, and try not to do anything too strenuous or stressful. Thanks to modern brain imaging technologies, we now know that the injured brain DOES heal, just as the body heals, when given enough rest and time. I am living proof that this is true. I can even remember my address and phone number today. 🙂

    • bdlheart says:

      Thanks for sharing. Mine is not as extreme but they told me it could take a few months to feel completely normal. Then again when have I ever felt normal? Lol. I’m glad you came out of the dark situation whole. Hugs

  2. mandy smith says:

    I can’t wait till you feel better, Bdl! You’re doing great still checking in–I think you know some of us want to know you’re okay and look forward to you feeling better. In the meantime, I’ll just bug you and let you know I’m checking on you! ♥

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