Have a story? Share it with us!

This looks like a great opportunity for survivors who want to get their story out there and help fellow survivors.

Side by Side


SSMH is looking for guest writers! If you have a story you’d like to share, please get in touch and we’d be happy to share it here with our followers. In addition to the blog, we also have a facebook and twitter following that would greatly benefit from your writing. We are looking for well-written pieces that promote optimism and hope to our readers on below topics:

Getting Help: Resources that have helped, Personal stories on seeking help, etc

Connecting: Stories and reflections on support network, family, friends, events, workshops, etc

Speaking Up: Writing focusing on speaking up against stigma

Taking Care: Your favorite books, magazines, videos, films, and tips for self care

Reading & Engaging: Your reflection on thought provoking articles, studies, and blogs

Inspiration & Role Models: Your reflection on words, advice or people that motivate you on your journey to wellness

If you have a unique piece that is…

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