Beautiful Survivors, YOU MATTER

Survivors, We all Matter.  Pass on the Love.

Survivors, We all Matter. Pass on the Love.

Uncommon Graces introduced the idea of writing an open letter to our readers and fellow bloggers.  She wants to spread the idea of compassion and send the message out that each person matters. I love the idea.  I adapted it to address survivors, but I believe everyone matters, no lives are disposable.  There are days when it is hard to keep going when you are processing past trauma and abuse, yet we all must keep going on this journey.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  We all have so much to offer the world.  Here is my letter in the form of a poem…

Even when you hurt

When days feel blurry and never ending

Know you are not alone

Know you must go on

You must get out of bed

Put one foot in front of another.

Look in the mirror and say


I belong here.

I am going to stay.

Each of us possesses a gift.

Each of us is beautiful.

We paint.

We write.

We photograph.

We encourage.

Continue sharing your gifts.

Because you matter beautiful survivors.

As Auntie reassured me in the depths of hell “you are loved.”  I extend her message, her heart to you all.  YOU MATTER.

Love and peace


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Survivors, YOU MATTER

  1. Mags says:

    I really like this post…it is wonderful and encouraging. I have been reading some of your other posts. It is great you are sharing your story to help others. Thank you for coming by my blog and commenting and for the follow. I will be following you as well. Big hugs!

  2. mandy smith says:

    Love this, bdl! ♥

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