My 2015 Wish For All Who Have Been Wounded

I was inspired by Mandy’s post on post-traumatic growth. It spoke of how difficult healing can be, yet it also spoke of how possible healing is. I went to a new Chiropractor a few days ago. On the new patient intake form, I’d marked PTSD under medical/ mental conditions.
He took one look at my paperwork, frowned and asked, “So, PTSD?” In the next breath he answered his own question. Or he thought he had. “What? You in the services or somethin?” I thought of Kyra’s passing and how so many of us who suffer from trauma are misunderstood. This is not the first healthcare person I’ve come across who has no idea that child abuse and any form of trauma causes PTSD. There is so much ignorance surrounding trauma and mental health.
I think if we can take Mandy’s advice into the New Year, we can begin to heal and at the same time bring attention to a group of people who are all too often misunderstood or overlooked. Kyra was one of those overlooked by the system. I want to bring in the New Year by continuing to get the word out about abuse and the mental “health” system which further abuses us after we’ve already suffered.
Thank you Mandy for your words of wisdom.

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