New Year’s Resolutions-Healthlutions-and Reflections


In the coming New Year, I’m ready to continue on the path to recovery.  Writing continues to sustain and support the continual shedding of my pain, shedding like an onion, each smelly piece of mental illness falling onto mother earth to be recycled into a being that can fully live.    I think of it as healing through words.  Instead of art therapy let’s call it “word therapy.”  For tonight’s “word therapy” I’ve decided to turn my new year’s resolutions into my new year’s healthlutions.  Read on for my list of plans in 2015.


Writing allows me to process my trauma and break through to health.  I want to finish writing my story so others do not feel alone and the little girl inside will finally feel like it is okay to tell the truth about her abusive childhood.

Express Through Art

In recent months, I’ve rediscovered how enjoyable and healing drawing, painting, and crafting are for me.  My grandparents were both artistic and crafty.  They were much of my stability as a young child so it gives me the feeling that I’m happily crafting beside them at the farm.

Therapy and EDMR

I’ll continue with my therapist.  She has helped me heal so much in a short time.  I’ve tried EDMR therapy with her, but often cannot get past the first few steps.  I’m hoping my mental health improves to the point that I can tackle the root of the trauma and get rid of much fear and anxiety.  No longer being triggered by the sound of putting on a belt will be sweet relief.

Yoga and Spirituality

Each time I lay on my mat it’s as if I’m laying on a protective sacred blanket.  I grew up traditionally catholic, but like many things in my life, I did not choose this religion.  My mother chose it.  It was how my family believed, so it had to be how I believed.  There was no separation between myself and my mother’s identity.  I have no hard feelings about Catholicism.  My great aunts were nuns.  I loved and respected them.  As I’ve grown older, I respect them and understand them much more clearly.  Yet, my spiritual place is on the floor of Evolution’s yoga studio.  On the floor of my writing den.  In front of my altar.  In meditation.  It lies within the wisdom of Buddha and the contemplative practice of yoga.  In my words and the words of others.

Working Out

I feel like my body has healed enough that I can slowly return to running, cycling, and swimming or whatever fun physical activities I discover.  I’ve not spoke much about this, but I was a runner, coach, and gym rat prior to the constant PTSD.  I’ve used yoga to heal physically as well as mentally.  I signed up for an indoor triathlon at my gym.  It is an hour long.  It takes place on January 18.  Perhaps a bit aggressive, but I’ll just take it easy on the running leg.

In twenty-five minutes the ball will drop on Time Square.  As my husband and I watch the countdown to 2015, I hope you are all happy and full of hope for the New Year.

If you can create a healthlutions list in the comment section or better yet create your own post I would love to hear from everybody.

Peace, love, and health in the New Year friends,


5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions-Healthlutions-and Reflections

  1. mandy says:

    Really wonderful plans for the new year! I wish you much success!!

  2. lenasclove says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I have PTSD, I’ve been seeing a new EMDR therapist and trying to write often, but am so inspired to see you have been able to also incorporate healing and exercise into your healing process. I have been hoping to be able to do that but am not quite there yet. Anyways, thanks for your inspiring posts. Much solidarity to you.

    • bdlheart says:

      I’m so glad we crossed paths. Yoga has helped me so much in calming body and mind. You sound like you’re on the right path. Just be gentle on yourself and keep writing. Thank you for the follow and like. I’m excited to check your blog out as well. Hugs

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