Americana Injustica recently published a blog post titled Impact. Americana Injustica was one of the first people to hit like on my blog and to reblog my post Getting my Smart Mouth Cleaned Out with Dawn Soap. Her comments have encouraged me to continue blogging, and especially to reach out into the blogosphere, no matter how gradual the process. PTSD at its worst turned me into a prisoner in my own home. Despite, my past I generally like people and can have an outgoing personally given the right situation. The worst of my PTSD seems to have passed. I don’t isolate myself in my house too often anymore. I’ve went back to work full-time. I’ve learned how to manage it, yet I still struggle to open up to people, especially strangers. BDLheart was hard to start and I doubted myself many of times along the way. This inspiring post about Americana Injustica’s initial encounter with Mandy in the blogosphere shows the power of words and human connection. I especially loved Mandy’s flower garden. I feel blessed to have discovered such a unique group of survivors. Hugs to my fellow survivors.

Americana Injustica

my hero americana When One of Your Heroes Thinks The Same of YOU…

When I first opened my blog up and started writing about Boo – she was still missing at the time (again, I should say) and I was likely the closest I’ve ever come to pure insanity, there was a person who seemed to reply to most of my heart-achingly honest and obvious hopelessness. In all truth – if I’m going to be honest here with this post – I initially opened my blog because I wanted to write down my own versions of things for my estranged, delinquent daughter to read someday, after I had given up on the entirety of the situation that we are held hostage by and removed myself, somehow. I wrote down all of the most shameful and regrettable parts of my trials in motherhood that I’ve never been able to tell her myself, for various…

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One thought on “Impact.

  1. I like this page you’ve got going here, B! Great work, Sweets! BIG HUGS.
    Happy 2015.XX

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